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Lonewulf's Scattered thought on everything

24th August, 2004. 2:16 pm. Calling all paranormal buffs(lonewulf)

  Hey, if you have a story of the paranormal, supernatural, or just plain freaky, leave a post here.  I'd love to hear from you.

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19th August, 2004. 10:19 am. Earth Elemental(lonewulf)

     Ok, here's the short version. Me and a few friends went to "investigate" this supposedly haunted, abandoned house. I wish I could remember where it was, because I'd love to go back an snoop around again. As a side note, at this time in my life (around 16 or 17 yrs old) I had hair down to the small of my back (I'm 6ft 1in). In other words, long hair. The day we went was a sunny summer day, warm but not too hot, slightly muggy without being sticky. In other words, a great day to go ghost busting :).

     Anyway, it was myself, two male friends, we'll call them M. and J., and my sister(since she had her driver's licence, a car, and gas, not necessarily in that order). We had heard about this place from J. He stated that he'd gone to this location before with some other friends, and they'd gotten spooked out. Now while J. had never seen anything (having only gotten an uneasy feeling), J stated that the people he came with looked at him, turned white as a sheet, and took off running. When J. had caught up with them, he asked them why they took off. They all said they had seen a set of green, glowing "hands" getting ready to choke J. from behind.

     Sounded like a great place for us to visit. Well, when we got there, the way J. had gotten it thru had been blocked off, (not sure by who) so we used some Shoe-Fu to unlock the garage door. We wandered around the house for awhile (it had a basement that we never did investigate, but you'll understand why next) when we noticed the door to the basement was slightly ajar. We started to go towards the door thinking to go explore down there when J. started getting that uneasy feeling again. No one else felt anything, but then again adrenaline might have had something to do with that. I.E. trespassing on private property, "haunted house" etc. Deciding to make a casual retreat with plans to come back another time, I decided to grab a token of our visit there. What I happend to find was this bottle from the 50's, among other items I'd been taking.
What the bottle was is as follows: It had basically a uniform coating of black soot on the interior. They used to use these bottles for hobby type art. What they would do is take a long wire with a bend in the end and scratch pictures in the soot with the wire. The bottle didn't have the wire with it, and the interior soot coating was uniform, i.e. no marks, just solid soot.
     I tossed the bottle into my backpack, being the only one smart enough to bring one for carrying out unique items, and followed everyone out. As we started walking down the dirt driveway en mass to get to my sister's car (we had parked a ways down the road to keep people from knowing we were at the property) I started to get a tingley feeling on the surface of my skin. At around the same time, everyone started looking at me with wide eyes. Now keeping in mine I had hair that was the longest in the group, as the tingling feeling started getting stronger, my hair on my head eventually stood completely straight up on my head, like you see in the pictures of those people touching the electrified metal ball and their hair stands up. No one else's hair was doing that, it was too sunny for any type of lighting strike to be ready to happen, and it was too humid for static buildup. Keep in mind I was the only one to take anything from the house.
Well, we figured it was high time to get back to the car, so off we raced. We got back to the car without another incident, so we took off down the road. About 5 miles down the road, everyone got sick to their stomach, some worse than others. My sister had to pull over because J. had gotten Violently sick and had to hop out and dry heave for about 5 min on the side of the road.

     Since I wasn't that ill, I decided that now was the time to take a much closer look at my bounty. What I found stopped me cold. The bottle, which had been pristine, now had a face scratched into it. What made it worse was I'd seen a picture of this same face in a book I had picked up and browsed thru at the local occult store. That led to the thought of, "Hey, let's play pitch the bottle as far as I can" which we proceeded to play post haste.
The conclusion of this story involved me going back to the bookstore, locating the book, noticing that it was a reprint of a 1905 book on the nature of spirits and astral phenomena, and that the picture was a drawn diagram of what an earth golum/spirit looked like. Suffice it to say, I could never get anyone interested in going back to the house.

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19th August, 2004. 10:17 am. Ghetty the friendly ghost(lonewulf)

     This one is quite a bit shorter.  This one took place at an apartment that my sister lived at for a a short time.
     My sister and some mutual friends had decided to pull out a Ouija board to mess around with.  One of the guy’s in our group was pretty talented in the use of the board, so we let him control the marker thingie.
     Anyway, this occurrence was noticed by everyone in the room, but it could be explained away by a draft and flickering candlelight.  While using the board, the marker started moving and spelled out the name ghetty.  The spirit stated that he had died somewhere in the 1800’s.  While the reading was going on, in one corner of the room, a shadow deepened.  I went over with another guy to investigate.  That corner of the room was noticeably cooler than the rest of the room and cooler than the outside air. This apartment didn’t have A/C.  Also, as this shadow deepened, the candles in the room started flickering quite severely.  After continuing the reading for about 15 min., we stopped.
     On several other occasions after this, we noticed that that corner of the room would get colder than the rest of the apartment.  We had several other successful contacts with this spirit different occasions.

This apartment is located on park street in Syracuse, NY.  If you’re coming from KFC going towards park street, you take a right onto it and it’s one of the apartment houses on the right just before the hill.  When I move back that way, I’ll get the exact address.  I think it was 226 or 266.  Something like that.

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19th August, 2004. 10:16 am. Golum - The prankster(lonewulf)

     Golum really is a special story for me.  This was my first real encounter with ghost activity.  I had many incidence with this spirit, but I couldn’t tell you what order they came in.  So I’m just going to put them up here in whatever order they look ok in.
     The haunting of golum started several weeks after my girlfriend at the time, we’ll call her R. to protect the guilty, moved into her new apartment.  I was around 15 years old and thought that her having her own apartment was kinda cool.  Anyway, as I said, the spook didn’t show up until several months later, after 1 very specific event.
     The event that triggered the haunting was while we were up in the attic of this apartment.  It was a 2 story house with attic and basement converted into basically a duplex, and the owner/landlord lived down stairs.  This fact will be important later.  Anyway, we came across a boarded up hole in the wall of the attic on an outside wall.  It was kinda strange to see a hole in that location, seeing as how it was 1) in the attic, 2) was on an outside wall, and 3) looked like the hole was intentionally put there and then later boarded up.
     Well, being of the inquisitive sort, we pulled the boards off and saw that the hole opened up into what looked like a path to the lower part of the house between 2 wall joists.  A kind of tunnel down the wall actually.  You could just about put your head in there to look straight down.  Well, we wanted to see how far down the hole went, whether it stopped at the floor of the attic/ceiling of her apartment, or further down the wall.  So we tied a flashlight to a piece of rope and started lowering it down into the hole.  We never did find out how deep the hole in the wall went because after it went past what should have been the attic floor, the flashlight went out.
     We pulled the flashlight back up and tried to get it to turn back on but nothing we did would work.  We didn’t really think anything of it at the time because it was one of those cheap flashlights, so we figured we had just broke it somehow.   But little did we know that that was just the beginning.

     Shortly thereafter, she started noticing things would turn up missing or in the wrong spot, but didn’t think much of it at the time.  What you have to understand was R. was around 23-24 yrs old and had 3 kids.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking but anyway, she had just figured that her kids were moving/hiding the stuff.  What got her to realizing that it was something else was when her and her kids were out of town, her landlord had heard something in R.’s apartment and had gone up there to ask her something.  After realizing that there wasn’t anyone in the apartment, she had thought she was just hearing things and when back downstairs.
     When R got back home, the landlady had mentioned hearing something in R’s apartment and that when she checked, the doors were locked and that she didn’t see or hear anyone in the apartment when she checked.  R only had the one key to the place, so she knew that none of her friends could have gotten into the house.  That’s when she started noticing other strange things, like cold drafts and cold spots that weren’t always there, doors opening when no one was around, stuff like that.
     What really let us know that there was something strange going on was something that happened while I was in the apartment with one of our mutual friends, we’ll call him J.  Now R smoked a little pot now and then, and so did J.  As for me, I’ve never felt the desire to do any type of drug, and to this day, I still hate to take even asprin for headaches.
     To get back to the story, R had just gone out to score a stash while just J and I were left in the apartment.  There were two ways into and out of this apartment.  I’ll put a diagram up when I get the chance.  But anyway, there was the front door, which is what everyone used, and the back door, with had stuff in front of it and was locked, so nobody could get in that way without making a hell of a racket.
     While R was gone, J and myself were looking at the handywork of R, who had dismantled 2 bowling trophies and had turned them into 1 big bowl to smoke her pot in.  So you can imagine how big it was.  At least the diameter of a 1 liter soda bottle and about 1 1/2 feet long.  After looking it over, we put it down on the dining room table and sat down in the living room.  The living room has a direct view into the dining room, but not the whole dining room table.  The front door opens into the living room, so there would be no way for someone to sneak into the apartment without making a hell of a racket or walking right in front of us within 6ft of where we were sitting.  I was facing in the direction of the dining room,  so I had a direct view of the table.  Well, about 10 min after going into the living room, R came home with her score.  So all 3 of us got up( her kids were at her mom’s house) and went into the dining room.  The bowl was nowhere to be found.  They never did find it.
     Another occasion, we had gone up into the attic to see if we could find where the draft was coming from.  It was summertime and the attic should have been blazing hot, but it wasn’t.  It was a comfortable.  After searching for awhile, we gave up on trying to find the location of the draft, since we hadn’t felt it at all.  So we sat down on the floor and just started chatting when out of nowhere, the attic door dropped shut ( it was one of those trap door variety) for no reason.  When we looked at each other with blank expressions and shrugging shoulders, the temp dropped a noticeable amount.  That’s when we bolted and never when back in the attic except when it came time to move.

     The final part of this story was when R was getting ready to move.  She had had enough of golum and figured to get out of the place.  It was a few days before she would be moving out, but had already packed her stuff and had been moving stuff out all week.  While packing, she realized she couldn’t find this picture in it’s glass picture frame.  She had looked high and low for it, but couldn’t find it.
     Well, while R was over at her new place unpacking, the landlady heard a loud crash.  So she went up stairs to see what it was, figuring that something that R had packed had fallen over and had broken.  So when she had gotten up there, she used her key to get in and noticed that there was a glass picture frame in the middle of the floor smashed with bits of glass all over the place.  The landlady couldn’t figure out how the picture had fallen where it had, since it wasn’t next to anything, but decided to go downstairs and get her broom and dustpan to clean it up for R.  Well, the landlady locked the door, went downstairs to get the broom.  For one reason or another, she got delayed for a few minutes, and when she had finally gotten the broom and dustpan, R had just pulled into the driveway.  When R asked what the landlady was doing, the landlady described the mess the pictureframe had made when it hit the floor.  R mentioned that she had been looking for that picture for weeks and hadn’t found it.  So R and the landlady went upstairs to see if it was the same picture frame.  When they unlocked the door to get inside, the glass and the frame were nowhere to be seen.  R said the landlady turned white as a ghost and exited post-haste.
     Several weeks after R had moved out, she went by the old place and saw that it was up for sale.

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19th August, 2004. 10:16 am. Ghost stories(lonewulf)

Thought I'd post these stories here so you wouldn't have to go out of your way to view them on my website, since my website is currently a mess.

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28th June, 2004. 2:50 pm. This is only a test.....(lonewulf)

Testing, testing.....

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