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Ghetty the friendly ghost

     This one is quite a bit shorter.  This one took place at an apartment that my sister lived at for a a short time.
     My sister and some mutual friends had decided to pull out a Ouija board to mess around with.  One of the guy’s in our group was pretty talented in the use of the board, so we let him control the marker thingie.
     Anyway, this occurrence was noticed by everyone in the room, but it could be explained away by a draft and flickering candlelight.  While using the board, the marker started moving and spelled out the name ghetty.  The spirit stated that he had died somewhere in the 1800’s.  While the reading was going on, in one corner of the room, a shadow deepened.  I went over with another guy to investigate.  That corner of the room was noticeably cooler than the rest of the room and cooler than the outside air. This apartment didn’t have A/C.  Also, as this shadow deepened, the candles in the room started flickering quite severely.  After continuing the reading for about 15 min., we stopped.
     On several other occasions after this, we noticed that that corner of the room would get colder than the rest of the apartment.  We had several other successful contacts with this spirit different occasions.

This apartment is located on park street in Syracuse, NY.  If you’re coming from KFC going towards park street, you take a right onto it and it’s one of the apartment houses on the right just before the hill.  When I move back that way, I’ll get the exact address.  I think it was 226 or 266.  Something like that.
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