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Earth Elemental

     Ok, here's the short version. Me and a few friends went to "investigate" this supposedly haunted, abandoned house. I wish I could remember where it was, because I'd love to go back an snoop around again. As a side note, at this time in my life (around 16 or 17 yrs old) I had hair down to the small of my back (I'm 6ft 1in). In other words, long hair. The day we went was a sunny summer day, warm but not too hot, slightly muggy without being sticky. In other words, a great day to go ghost busting :).

     Anyway, it was myself, two male friends, we'll call them M. and J., and my sister(since she had her driver's licence, a car, and gas, not necessarily in that order). We had heard about this place from J. He stated that he'd gone to this location before with some other friends, and they'd gotten spooked out. Now while J. had never seen anything (having only gotten an uneasy feeling), J stated that the people he came with looked at him, turned white as a sheet, and took off running. When J. had caught up with them, he asked them why they took off. They all said they had seen a set of green, glowing "hands" getting ready to choke J. from behind.

     Sounded like a great place for us to visit. Well, when we got there, the way J. had gotten it thru had been blocked off, (not sure by who) so we used some Shoe-Fu to unlock the garage door. We wandered around the house for awhile (it had a basement that we never did investigate, but you'll understand why next) when we noticed the door to the basement was slightly ajar. We started to go towards the door thinking to go explore down there when J. started getting that uneasy feeling again. No one else felt anything, but then again adrenaline might have had something to do with that. I.E. trespassing on private property, "haunted house" etc. Deciding to make a casual retreat with plans to come back another time, I decided to grab a token of our visit there. What I happend to find was this bottle from the 50's, among other items I'd been taking.
What the bottle was is as follows: It had basically a uniform coating of black soot on the interior. They used to use these bottles for hobby type art. What they would do is take a long wire with a bend in the end and scratch pictures in the soot with the wire. The bottle didn't have the wire with it, and the interior soot coating was uniform, i.e. no marks, just solid soot.
     I tossed the bottle into my backpack, being the only one smart enough to bring one for carrying out unique items, and followed everyone out. As we started walking down the dirt driveway en mass to get to my sister's car (we had parked a ways down the road to keep people from knowing we were at the property) I started to get a tingley feeling on the surface of my skin. At around the same time, everyone started looking at me with wide eyes. Now keeping in mine I had hair that was the longest in the group, as the tingling feeling started getting stronger, my hair on my head eventually stood completely straight up on my head, like you see in the pictures of those people touching the electrified metal ball and their hair stands up. No one else's hair was doing that, it was too sunny for any type of lighting strike to be ready to happen, and it was too humid for static buildup. Keep in mind I was the only one to take anything from the house.
Well, we figured it was high time to get back to the car, so off we raced. We got back to the car without another incident, so we took off down the road. About 5 miles down the road, everyone got sick to their stomach, some worse than others. My sister had to pull over because J. had gotten Violently sick and had to hop out and dry heave for about 5 min on the side of the road.

     Since I wasn't that ill, I decided that now was the time to take a much closer look at my bounty. What I found stopped me cold. The bottle, which had been pristine, now had a face scratched into it. What made it worse was I'd seen a picture of this same face in a book I had picked up and browsed thru at the local occult store. That led to the thought of, "Hey, let's play pitch the bottle as far as I can" which we proceeded to play post haste.
The conclusion of this story involved me going back to the bookstore, locating the book, noticing that it was a reprint of a 1905 book on the nature of spirits and astral phenomena, and that the picture was a drawn diagram of what an earth golum/spirit looked like. Suffice it to say, I could never get anyone interested in going back to the house.
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