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Calling all paranormal buffs

  Hey, if you have a story of the paranormal, supernatural, or just plain freaky, leave a post here.  I'd love to hear from you.
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Hey, what do you know about shadow people?
Depends on what you're talking about. There are several phenomena that could fall under that heading.... :)
Just did a search on that to see if I could clarify on my own what you were referencing, and I can say yes, I've seen them. I feel that they may be was is classically called demons, biblically speaking. Then again, according to some mystics, the dimensional walls thin the darker it gets, and these might be other-dimensional beings observing us. Kinda like research scientists putting up blinds and other hiding methods to watch animals in the wild without the animal being aware of their presence. I've been doing a lot of research into parallel dimensions, along with higher dimensions. From what I've read, it's not as far fetched as might be first thought. I've learned that the germans during the world war were experimenting with time travel. Our own gov't has experimented with spatial teleportation and electronically induced ocular invisibility. The theories behind them are pretty sound, so I really don't have a reason currently to not believe in it, but I do hope to one day do my own experimental research on this material. Knowing what I know about the mind, I've seen very good demonstrations of how the mind will fill in information that it expects to see, so shadow people could very well be an artifact of the mind trying to add form to formless information. With all the horror and thriller movies on, the brain has a lot more data for the mind to sift thru when trying to add this mold to data their eyes saw for a split second. Good example, your eyes both have a blind spot. Your brain can correlate the data received from both eyes into a solid whole. I've seen experiments that take this into account and show how, even tho there's missing data, the brain will "add" what it thinks should be included with the data from the eyes. The example was a grid pattern, like graph paper, that they took out a small section of the grid, but when you look at the paper a certain way, your blind spot lines up with the blank area of the grid. Your mind, expecting the grid to be solid, automatically fills the blank area with a grid, even tho there isn't any grid there. If I can find which book had that in, I'll send you the info so you can see for yourself.
I've seen them, or a very specific one. I've fought it in my dreams, and it has a very marked presence when it's there. It's directly tied to someone I'm close to in my life, and while we haven't had a visit from it recently (I blessed our house when we we moved), I do believe it's a weird spiritual mission of mine to end this thing... it's a long story that if I tell it I sound crazy...

But dark-voidish, man-shaped, red eyes when I can see them... and a completely cold, cruel, malevolent presence.

I'm a complete believer in demons and spiritual warfare. I think everything that takes place on earth is part of a larger struggle -- good vs. evil, Heaven and Hell positioning for the coming days. Just my opinion...
you should visit my site and look for the ghost stories, then tell me if you still think I'd think you're crazy....
actually, I guess just reading the previous posts in this community would do it.....
No, I guess you wouldn't think I'm crazy. Sometimes I just feel weird talking about this because some people have thought I was crazy or being overly dramatic. Except Jonathan, who is obviously the person to whom the shadow person is attatched -- he's seen it and dealt with it, as has his mother. He said that when it really went away was when he decided that I couldn't be the only one who was fighting it, and he began to fight it too. Before then, he'd let it weigh him down spiritually, etc.

Lots of weird stories and dreams involved with this thing. Sometimes it beat me, and sometimes I awoke knowing it had been a draw and I'd get him next time. The night I beat it was the night before the day Jonathan and I had our "come to Jesus" (pretty much literally) and dealt with a lot of the spiritual warfare going on around us at that time. He actually went into this weird zone for a minute, said some stuff that sounded like latin (he doesn't speak latin), then collapsed crying in the corner of the couch and wouldn't let me touch him. He was covered in goosebumps. Needless to say, it changed the whole face of our relationship.

We've always said "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was based on us, and this is part of the reason, although this is the first time I've admitted that to anyone who wasn't a very close friend.
That latin speaking sounds like a spontaneous "speaking in tongues".
Yeah, that's my still being somewhat alone in my knowledge of this stuff and not being able to talk about it... I felt weird calling it "Speaking in tongues."

I'm breaking into this slowly... :) But I'm glad to hear you've heard of that happening too.
I'm around people who do it frequently, almost always while praying. It's in the bible, I just don't remember exactly where. It was after Jesus was crucified, resurrected, and went to heaven. Could probably find it on the web if I had the time.

Go to a southern baptist church, and you'll probably hear it happening during the praise and worship section. It's a pretty common occurence in the Christian world. It's a method to talk to God in a form that more closely resembles the language the angels and God speaks.
Yeah, I've seen it in churches. I've just never experienced it outside of a church. Of course, I'm in the south, but it's seen as a predominantly pentecostal and black southern baptist occurrence. The more uptight white southern churches see it as a little hokey.

I never felt that way about it. But I also never actually KNEW someone it happened to, especially not outside worship. And that whole night was so alarming, but on another level, really not. As much as I believe in spiritual warfare and I've studied it, part of me still draws a very distinct line between the spritual and the earthly, while another part knows there is no difference at all.

Now I sound crazy. :)
Hence, why they call it "faith" And no, you don't sound crazy. Now if you were talking about satanic green chickens from outer space wearing ray ban sunglasses doing the Macarena, then I'd think you're crazy.... :) (does it make me crazy to have thought that up?)
Haha... no, there would have to be pygmy grizzly bears with chainsaws and guns and black magic about to invade the martian chickens, then you'd be crazy. :)

And we're back to "What's normal?"
Didn't know we left.....
haha... I must have gotten lost in the cow talk... :)
P.S. Never said the chickens were from mars, that's the little green men. The chickens are from the Orion Galaxy.... Don't you know ANYTHING? :)
Oh, you know, I ALWAYS get the Orion Galaxy confused with Mars... Kinda like Cleveland and Columbus.
I have experienced invaders, I have some strange sence that I have freinds that helped with this thing came to my home. The thing also makes electronics make strange noises, which cease when you kick its ass out. You can use you're astral body somehow to attack them as well.

Don't get me wrong though I'm not into this type of stuff because it freaks me out..I think i prefer to let it stay a subconsious part of my life. But this one was different because of the flying in your face evidence of electronic equiptment starting and stopping strange noises correlating with me defending my home astrally.
Wow... our electronics did make weird noises... I never thought about it being connected.
the bad things usually are represented with red eyes for me as well, I see them in my minds eye though like a translucent thing but I know its not visual but rather a visual representation of some other type of sensing

This is SO hard to talk about with people usually, would you mind if I put you on my friends list?
Oh sure! Please do. I actually do have the occasional deep spiritual post, but usually it's just the day-to-day. But yeah, it's one of those things that if you mention it, people think you're trying to get attention or that you're crazy...

I'll go friend you now! :)
so ironic that I'm reading this now. I had my first shadow person experience recently. I was staying in a very old house and NO SHIT I saw the shadow of a man 10+ times clearly as if walking through the kitchen.

I said to my boyfriend-theres alot of people in this house it feels like and I swear I've been seeing a mans shadow. I gave no details and he said "oh yeah the guy whos always tramping through the kitchen and points to where the shadow always is 'walking'. He said he's seen the shadow walking past a million times since living there...

Where should I start?
-My second story self latching, hard to open window opened by itself. The lights were on with no other noise in the house-obviously no one was at the window either.
-A voice told me my father had died and how an hour before I was told.
-I can pick winning scratch off tickets if I meditate for a few seconds at the counter, many whitnesses and I've done it for other people. Last streak: 3 in a row totalling 60$, 4$ spent.
-Many other psychic experiences on my part, unexplainable and in one case saved a mans life.
Thank you for sharing. Excellent info.